Handsome Carlos is going well at the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre, run by the BOS Foundation in Central Kalimantan. His cheek pads are starting to develop and it’s very obvious that Carlos is going to be a magnificent adult cheek padder.

Despite having to be in an enclosure during the COVID-19 pandemic, Carlos is coping well and is in very good health. He is being given extra enrichment and activities to keep him busy and improve his survival skills. Carlos’ food is presented in a variety of ways to make it challenging for him to reach. One of his favourite enrichment items is a hessian sack filled with different fruits. He gets excited when there is a whole melon inside the sack! Carlos is active and skilful; he will use every part of his body to solve the enrichment puzzles. Usually, he will tear the sack with his teeth and hands and then hold the fruit in his feet.

In addition to the enrichment feeds, Carlos likes to engage and play with the enrichment structures in his enclosure including tyres, ropes, and barrels. Most days he can be seen jumping and swinging on the rubber enrichment ropes. It is very much hoped that Carlos will be able to be moved to a pre-release island in the near future so he can continue to develop his forest survival skills.

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