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During our business hours (7am to 10am, Central European Standard Time, Sunday to Thursday, please call us):

+31 85 208 7771

International callers, please dial +31 85 208 7771

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The Orangutan Project

Box A2202

Strevelsweg 700 303

Rotterdam 3083AS

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit my orphan?

Our orphans are kept in quarantined centres – unfortunately they are not open to the public.

Why is my orphan still up for adoption even though I’ve just adopted it?

Our adoptions are not exclusive – many people can adopt the same orphan – we currently have over 2000 orphans in care, the money goes into a pool to help all of them including the orphan you have adopted off our website.

How much of my adoption fee goes to helping the orangutans?

100% of our adoption fees go directly towards the centres we help support.