Bunga is one of the most curious orangutans at our centre, and always seems to be on the lookout for new adventures. This has occasionally manifested itself in escape attempts.

However, thankfully, Bunga never goes too far, and as she is such a friendly orangutan (as long as the keeper is one she likes!) it is never difficult to bring her back. Her curious nature means she spends a lot of her time foraging and also ranges widely throughout the island she lives on, and she loves any form of enrichment.

Bunga is a popular orangutan and is very sweet natured. As she has been at the centre since 2009, she has become a motherly figure and gets on well with everyone, seeming to have good relationships with all the orangutans, rather than just one or two very close friendships. She still maintains her independence though, something that is particularly noticeable when she makes her night nest, which she does far away from anyone else. She gets very annoyed if other orangutans get too close!

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