Bunga has been at the centre in West Kalimantan for many years and has developed in to one of the most intelligent and independent orangutans. Her pickiness with keepers and attempts to escape from anyone she doesn’t like are legendary.

However, Bunga is a very sweet natured and cheeky orangutan, who is particularly fond of treats and any form of enrichment. She is very good at investigating the enrichment, able to extract all the food from them and she plays with them for longer than many of the other orangutans. She does, however, have an aversion to any vegetables, and will always go for fruit.


As Bunga spends both day and night in the forest, she has become a good nest builder. When she does want to make a nest, either to rest or sleep in, she always removes herself from the group and makes her nest in the most secluded spot possible, another sign of her independent character. 

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