The Orangutan Project (TOP) is a very special organisation – it’s one of the most successful orangutan protection and education organisations in the world.

In this time and age the environment is becoming an ever increasing concern for all Australians, but we believe that it’s the young Aussies that can make the big difference in the coming years – by assisting The Orangutan Project they can help save not only the orangutan, but the environment, the habitat and many other endangered animals like the tigers, elephants, and sun bears – not to mention the local people and their way of life.

It’s a single project that helps so many… We hope you will join us today.

Long Call Club

What is a long call and how can you be part of the club?

A “long call” is a very loud and unique sound which is made by an adult male orangutan. The Long call is most frequently emitted by flanged males or cheek padders as they are know. Long calls can attract females or discourage other males to come in the area. Long calls consist of three parts: grumbles (the introduction), pulses (the climax) and bubbles (the tail-off). A long call always contains pulses, but not necessarily grumbles and/or bubbles. Long calls are audible up to approximately 1,500m. The long call sends a clear and loud message that you are entering an orangutan territory – Strong, powerful and determined the voice of the orangutan continues to call to make people aware of the plight of the orangutan.

To be part of the Long Call Club and be a partner in the growing list of schools – all you have to do is raise some money for The Orangutan Project any which way you can... You could adopt an orangutan for a year, hold a cake stall or even a raffle and donate the proceeds, or collect and donate items for TOP to sell in our new ebay store. If you need any help please contact us and we'll get help get you started.

It is our hope that our new classroom pack will give you information that you can incorporate into your classroom. You will find some suggested activities and worksheets which may be freely adapted to suit the needs, interest and ability levels of your students. The Orangutan Project is a very special organisation – it's one of the most successful orangutan protection and education organisations in the world. The Orangutan Project is a non-profit organisation established in 1998. The Orangutan Project's work has focused strongly both on the preservation and restoration of Indonesian rainforest, the orangutan's natural habitat, and on the rescue and rehabilitation of large numbers of individual endangered animals.

The activities in this pack have been created for Junior and Middle Primary children. These have been designed in a flexible manner so that they can be altered to suit the interest and ability level of each child. The following packs are available:

NB where a numeral is quoted in the title of an activity, this does not designate a year level, it simply indicates a degree of difficulty, e.g. ‘1’ represents the simplest task created in that set of activities.

For more information call 1300 RED APE or email us.


Orangutan Odysseys High School Tours

The Orangutan Project partner Orangutan Odysseys runs Eco Tours to see orangutans in the wild for High Schools students. For more information click here.